Get a double-shot of adrenaline when you glide your freaking car into every match. Pick the best landing zones on a massive island battleground that gets smaller and smaller, driving all your enemies right into your waiting sights.


How are they gonna recognize the champ when they see you? Because you can customize your battle wagon to the nines. Make sure your worthless enemies know exactly who bombed them into oblivion as you do donuts in their fiery remains. Flags, paint-jobs, and more, it's all up to you.


It’s pedal-to-the-metal as you race to snatch the best weapons from caches all over the island. Battle Royale means second place is the first loser, so show no mercy for anyone on four wheels. Fight your way to the top of the junk heap to be the last car standing!


Read 'em and weep, kiddies.

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the Beta

Enter your email address to get on the beta invite list, then keep an eye on your email!


OK, I entered my email on the website. When do I get a key for the beta Test Drive?

Beta Test Drive keys are sent out in waves in the week prior to a Test Drive event. If you don’t get a code right away, don’t worry! You’ll get one before the next Test Drive begins. Sign up by Dec 7 at 5pm PDT to participate in the Dec 8/9 Test Drive!

When can I access the game?

The game is only accessible during beta Test Drive events. See the bottom of this page for info on upcoming Test Drives.

I missed the first Test Drive! When will I be able to play?

Watch the bottom of this page for info on upcoming Test Drives.

I LOVED the Test Drive! When do I get to play again?

Watch the bottom of this page for info on upcoming Test Drives.

If I get into the first Test Drive, do I automatically get to play in follow-up Test Drives?

Yes. Once you’ve got the beta, you can leave it on your computer and update and play with each new Test Drive.

I’m a member of the press and/or a content creator. Who should I email about playing in the Test Drive?

In the footer of this page, you’ll find a download link for a press kit. Within that kit, there is a fact sheet that contains contact email addresses for you.

Is there an NDA for this closed beta? Am I allowed to talk about it?

There’s no NDA! You can talk about the game as much as you want.

Can I stream on sites like Twitch and Mixer?

Absolutely! We encourage it.

I’m having an issue in the game. Who can I contact?

Visit our Official notmycar Discord Server. Our developers check in to help out wherever they can.

My mom wants to play. Where can I get her a code?

Your mom will need to sign up at to get her own code. We won’t be giving multiple codes to one person.

Will you be taking beta feedback into consideration?

Absolutely! That’s exactly the reason we’re hosting beta Test Drives. We want the community to help us make this game the best it can be.

Where and how can I provide feedback after participating in the Closed Beta?

Visit our Official notmycar Discord Server. Our developers check in to help out wherever they can.

The game isn’t running smoothly for me. What’s the issue?

First and foremost, check that you meet the minimum system requirements. They’re listed on this page." - I did not see them listed on that page. Where can the minspec be found? link to it?

What is my personal email being used for? Are you sharing it?

We only use your personal email to send you your beta access code and to send updates about game changes and upcoming beta Test Drive events. We do not share your email with anyone.

Are you doing DLC and when?

We are currently focused on getting the core game shipped in the best condition possible, though we do intend to add content to the game after launch in some form.

When is the game coming out?

We are planning on being in Early Access for 6 months after our initial ship date of 3/01/19. In the meantime, you can add the game to your Steam Wish List for updates.

Is notmycar coming to consoles?

We don’t have anything to announce about console versions of notmycar at this time.

Don’t see your question listed above? Check out our Steam Page or find us on Twitter and Facebook to ask questions and get regular updates!